Friday, 24 August 2012

Cool Art Exhibitions: One Hundred Dollars

I discovered the One Hundred Dollars art exhibition on one of my favourite doodling websites ever and thought it was pretty schweet because it reminded me of this awesome local art exhibition in South Africa (which I will certainly blog about soon). The concept is simple but it's the artists that were chosen who used a huge variety of styles and mediums that made it so interesting.

The art exhibition was held 14th July - 9th August 2012 in Brooklyn, New York. The exhibition's  blog says this about the exhibition:
 "All the artwork for this show utilizes the U.S. One Dollar Bill as a canvas. There will be one hundred artists in the show. All the artwork is available for one hundred dollars each." 
Let me repeat hundred dollars each.
Yeah, no, look like it'll be one of those "can I help?", "oh no thanks, just looking :)" scenes then.

However, we can oogle at the doodles... So here is a collection of some of the works that were for sale:

Julie Elizabeth Brady - One Hundred Dollars
Benjamin Martins - One Hundred Dollars
Jennifer Grimyser - One Hundred Dollars
Casey Farnum - One Hundred Dollars
And just a quote (some true artsy bollocks here) by the Huffington Post just for good measure:
"The exhibition explores how two concepts, art and money, can be both so intimately intertwined and so diametrically opposed. While many artists choose to live outside mainstream corporate society, art is inevitably wound up with money. Both are bound up with value, with symbols and with power. Both are simple objects which garner great importance."

Jeff Faerber - One Hundred Dollars
That's all folks! Maybe next year!

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