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Friday, 24 August 2012

Postcards from South Africa

Everyone digs receiving some snail-mail or a beautiful postcard in the 'ol postbox. It rebels against the monotony of the white business bill-containing envelopes and feels less clinical than a typed e-mail. 
An African girl washes clothes in the doorway of her shack (informal settlement) in Cape Town, South Africa.
So beautifully colourful.
Since discovering these amazing postcards at Buccaneer Backpacker's giftshop (made by quivertreeimages), I've started up a little collection to send to friends and family. These are the ones that remain and are ready for stamping and sending :)

African 'tata' (old man) and 'makoti' (young, married woman) in rondavels (huts), Eastern Cape, South Africa
Living in the Eastern Cape, immersed in a community of rondavels and the amaXhosa, my faith has been restored in knowing the beauty of rural Africa still exists. These postcards capture the traditional culture of Africans; with the mud-plastered walls and dung-covered floors, as well as the emerging Afro-pop style of bright coloured clothing and recycled bold logo prints used as wallpaper for shack decor.

Interior of a shack decorated with bright pink Husky dog food tin labels in Cape Town, South Africa
and a 'gogo' (grandmother) poses inside her rondavel (hut), Eastern Cape, South Africa
If you want to check out a few more beautiful images of African landscapes, homesteads and our people, go here.

A sangoma (traditional healer), Eastern Cape, South Africa

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