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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Grammar Tuesday #2

1. Why MXit died:
Hey hw u?
Gud n u?
Gud wuu2?
Brb (I'm not really going anywhere but nor is this conversation)
2. <-- Number two.
3. <-- This is a number too.
4. #thisisjustatrend
To err is human, to correct, divine :)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Illustration and Street Art

There are few things that inspire me more than illustration and doodling. Probably because the art it is not limited by the medium, style or content; and so; doodling breeds ideas. We etch on desks, scribble in notepads, scratch on napkins and spraypaint walls. It's one of the few arts that is a universal habit- we all doodle. Even accountants doodle. Perhaps on the backpage of a ledger to get their ballpoint pen ink flowing again, but still, it counts.

So having 8 odd billion artists to choose from I impressively managed to whittle the list down to my 11 favourite artists of 2012. Here is a collection (in random order) of my favourite people; illustrators, doodlers, street artists and sometimes all three:

1) James Jean
James Jean

Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Adolfsson

Silke Werzinger

Audrey Kawasaki

5) BLU
Colin David Stewart
Colin David Stewart
7) SAN
8) Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld
Tom Gauld
9) Scott Garrett
Scott Garrett
Scott Garrett

10)   Gemma Correll 
Gemma Correll
Gemma Correll

11) And lastly, Jon Burgerman. My favourite. Legend. Doodler extraordinaire. 
Jon Burgerman
Jon Burgerman

And best of all - he's Burgered me!
Jon Burgerman's portrait of me 
So where'd I find all these amazing people? I'd recommend you spend a bit of time here,  here and here :)

South-African Art Decor: Mielie

Admist a busy run through OR Tambo airport, rushing for a plane (a time ADD can prove quite dangerous), my eye caught a colourful corner in a shop called Out of Africa (handcrafted African curio vibes). Sadly, I had no cash or time.

"But I HAVE to have that!" I thought. 
"What's the brand?"
"Mielie. Mielie. I'll remember that."

I didn't.

Today I did though. Phew. And I was so happy to discover I was right. So I've spent the day scouring and oogling over their websiteblog and facebook page. You should too.

Mielie has been ten years in the making and they've managed to set up shop and go international. Plus it's eco-friendly, proudly South African and all those good things. 

So, here's some of their stuff: 

Gah. Beautiful.

Have a happy weekend people :)

Stop drooling.

South-African Art Decor: Part 1

I love South-African pop art. No, not the recently gasp-worthy piece of art of our president. 

Can't believe how big I needed to make that star...
But the art mostly characterized by the use of classic branding and the bright colours in our bold and simple logos of South-African products:
Eeeeek! How cool?!

And, well, everyone loves Tata Madiba's face and beautiful African prints.

So my housemate and I have decided to experiment. To Do-It-Ourselves (yes, we're on a budget) and create a South African pop art themed lounge. So we've started with our bare walls (and it all cost less than 40 bucks and half an hour): 

Step 1: Steal broken signs off an abandoned building in a near-by town (with the assistance of a security guard in true South African style).
Step 2: NB! Compose the arrangement before sticking.

Step 3: Use a wetwipe to clean and dry front and back.
Step 4: Use double-sided tape to line the perimeter of the border (about 5 centimeters from edge).
Step 5: Stick.