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Saturday, 9 June 2012

South-African Art Decor: Mielie

Admist a busy run through OR Tambo airport, rushing for a plane (a time ADD can prove quite dangerous), my eye caught a colourful corner in a shop called Out of Africa (handcrafted African curio vibes). Sadly, I had no cash or time.

"But I HAVE to have that!" I thought. 
"What's the brand?"
"Mielie. Mielie. I'll remember that."

I didn't.

Today I did though. Phew. And I was so happy to discover I was right. So I've spent the day scouring and oogling over their websiteblog and facebook page. You should too.

Mielie has been ten years in the making and they've managed to set up shop and go international. Plus it's eco-friendly, proudly South African and all those good things. 

So, here's some of their stuff: 

Gah. Beautiful.

Have a happy weekend people :)

Stop drooling.