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Saturday, 9 June 2012

South-African Art Decor: Part 1

I love South-African pop art. No, not the recently gasp-worthy piece of art of our president. 

Can't believe how big I needed to make that star...
But the art mostly characterized by the use of classic branding and the bright colours in our bold and simple logos of South-African products:
Eeeeek! How cool?!

And, well, everyone loves Tata Madiba's face and beautiful African prints.

So my housemate and I have decided to experiment. To Do-It-Ourselves (yes, we're on a budget) and create a South African pop art themed lounge. So we've started with our bare walls (and it all cost less than 40 bucks and half an hour): 

Step 1: Steal broken signs off an abandoned building in a near-by town (with the assistance of a security guard in true South African style).
Step 2: NB! Compose the arrangement before sticking.

Step 3: Use a wetwipe to clean and dry front and back.
Step 4: Use double-sided tape to line the perimeter of the border (about 5 centimeters from edge).
Step 5: Stick.