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Saturday, 14 July 2012

South-African Art Decor: Part 2

The inspiration for our home's latest addition is the doodler's original canvas; the school desk. Etchings from the end of the compass point, Tippex-ed tags, ball-point pen profanity and concealed crib notes; it's the school-desk's initiation into the classroom. But the contrast of the rich kid's white correction fluid, a prized possession in government schools, on withered raw wood somehow made it proudly South African to me. And ugly. Hopefully this one looks a little more tastefully done though...

The school desk graffiti coffee table

I chose the Coca-cola logo because it's another bold logo and has the perfect typography for the school-cursive style.

If you want to add this cool effect to your coffee table, here's how I did it:

Step 1: Find a wooden table. This one wasn't mine but I've called dibs on it (which counts).

Step 2: Sand the entire table until surface is even and wood's grain is exposed (no old varnish or enamel paint should remain). Use rough/ heavyduty sandpaper. Using a sanding block helps.

Sanded wooden coffee table

Step 3: Dust the wood surface with a paintbrush to ensure it's clean.

Brush dust off table after sanding

Step 4: Download a design/logo that you like. "Borrow" someone's data-projector to project it onto the table. NB: Ensure it's perfectly centered!

Stencil Coca-cola logo using data-projector

Step 5: Use a black ball-point pen to outline the design.

Step 6: Colour-in the lines using white acryllic paint (water it down to create a white-wash effect) using a fine brush. Paint 2 coats. NB: Clean brush with water (not turpentine).


Step 7: Once dried, lastly add one coat of varnish with a wide brush. If varnish is too thick, thin it by adding 1 part turpentine to 10 parts varnish.  I suggest you only use one coat to avoid it looking too glossy. Clean brush in turpentine.

Oh, and if you're wondering where we got those awesome scatter cushions (in first pic) - Mr Price Home has an awesome 'Home-brewed' range.