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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

South African Crafts: The Wallet

You will need:
1 x empty carton (1L)
1 x roll of insulation tape
1 x set of metal buttons (available at craft/sewing shops)

Step 1: Find a carton with an awesome, bold, colourful design. Consume. Clean. Dry. 

Step 2: Carefully take apart at the seams. Cut off bottom and top tabs.

The awesome African brand designs are awesome
Step 3: Cut away 9 cm (narrow cartons)/ 7cm (normal/squarish cartons) off the top of the three panels. The last panel will become the overlap to form the clutch/lid for the wallet.

Step 4: The 1st and 3rd panel will become the sides of the wallet (looks like an accordion). This is perfect because it's usually those panels that have the ugly nutritional info table and stuff. If your carton is narrow, make 3 folds (see image) in each panel, so that you can open the wallet wide and have more space. If it's more of a normal/squarish carton (think long-life milk size), then only make one fold (inward) in those two panels.

The template for the South African wallet
Step 5: Round the edges of the tab that will become the wallet lid flap.

Step 6: Line all the edges with insulation tape and fold over. Please pick a colour that compliments the design.

Insulation tape for the edges of the wallet
Step 7: Fold the panels to make the wallet. Join the edges of the 1st and 4th panels by adding an extra strip of insulation tape to the inside and outside of that edge.

Step 8: Fold wallet in half. Staple the two compartments together with two staples in the centre.

Easy peasy japaneasy
Step 9: Fold over top flap and hold closed. Use a pin to push through the centre of the top flap where you want the metal button to go. Make sure it penetrates the top flap and the first compartment (giving enough leeway so that the wallet will be able to close even if it's full of coins) so to serve as a guide of where to place the studs. If the flap isn't long enough to fold over the front a decent amount, cut away a bit more at the top (step 3) and re-insulate. Remove pin.

Step 10: Place the tiny bits of the metal button on the first compartment. Lightly bash them together against a hard surface so that they are fastened. Do the same for the flap.

Done! Well done!

The South African wallet. Bananas not included.